Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cove Bar (2nd Trip) - DCA

It has been a year since my first trip to the Cove Bar at Disney's California Adventure. I thought I would try something else on the menu, besides the Lobster Nachos and Buffalo Wings.

There were 2 noticeable changes from a year ago:
  • Fish tacos replaced the fried calamari
  • Tri tip sliders replaced the crab cakes

New Menu:

This time I tried the BBQ Chicken Pizza. While, I prefer CPK's BBQ Chicken Pizza, this one wasn't bad at all. The crust is indeed very thin, but tasty. My only complaint was this thick union chunk that was not properly dispersed on the pizza.

For $9.99, plus tax and tip this really is a great bargain on Disney property. Similarly, across Paradise Pier, Pizza Oom Mow Mow, offers 1 slice for $6.49 and up ($31 for a whole pizza.) This place is worth it.

Date visited:
November 2009

My first trip to Cove Bar

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