Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wine Country Trattoria - DCA

Located in the Golden State of Disney's California Adventure, Wine Country Trattoria offers sit-down, moderately priced Italian lunches and dinners.

Think of this place as the Disney version of Olive Garden. But it is more expensive with a less extensive menu.

The Menu:


Tuscan Salad - Hearty salad of white beans, beets, black olives, red bell peppers, celery, salami, grape tomatoes, mixed garden greens, mozzarella and croutons served with your choice of Italian, blue cheese, ranch or oil & vinegar $10.99

The salad with Italian dressing on the side came in a chilled bowl. (A nice touch!) I was surprised that all of the toppings were sectioned off into distinct areas. (All the corn in one area, black olives there, etc...) I just assumed that everything would be tossed together, but this turned out to be advantageous for someone who doesn't like everything in the salad. The only topping I did not eat were the beets, so I happily scooped them away.

Everything in the salad was cold, crisp, and very fresh tasting.

Final Thoughts:
I would definitely come back and try some of their pasta dishes. After a long day at the parks it's nice to sit down and have a "decent" meal on Disney property. Was $10.99 plus tax and tip expensive for a salad? Sure it was, but this is Disney, everything is overpriced, but at least the food tasted good!

Other notes:
  • Priority seating is available. (I waited about 5 minutes for a table, but it wasn't a very busy day at the park anyway.)
  • Use your Annual Passport for a discount. (Deluxe and Premium only.)
  • With your meal you get a olive oil/balsamic vinegar along with breadsticks. The breadsticks were okay. They weren't warmed up and had little flavor by itself. You won't miss much if you pass on the breadsticks.
Date visited: September 2009

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