Friday, December 4, 2009

Mickey Mouse Chips

Isn't it annoying that it's sometimes cheaper to buy a larger bag of tortillas than a smaller bag? It makes me sad to throw away a good bag of tortillas, so what do I make without buying more ingredients? Mickey Mouse chips!

Instead of frying up regular triangular chips, I added a Mickey touch. It brought me back to the days when Disneyland would sell Mickey Mouse shaped chips. (I think it was usually for the kid's meal; that's how long ago it was!)

Anyway, I purchased 3 Mickey cookie cutters when I visited Tokyo Disneyland 2.5 years ago. I have yet to find a great rolled sugar dough cookie recipe, so these cutters had never seen any dough action.

I highly recommend using metal cookie cutters instead of plastic ones. Metal ones just CUT through the tortilla faster and cleaner than plastic.

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